July 26, 2012

Behind the scenes images from my 2013 calendar shoot!

This is definitely an option for the cover. 🙂 boo ya! ✌
July 25, 2012

My 2013 calendar shoot!

Today was such a successful day! I have the best team working with me to make my 2013 calendar a success! Here is one of my […]
July 25, 2012

Getting my makeup did for my calendar shoot!!

Excited to get shooting…and loving my @ufc tanktop 😉
July 24, 2012

I got to see one of my favorite artists…

When I was in Florence I went to the Uffizi Museum. This is Caravaggio’s ‘Medusa’. I could stare at this for hours. Brilliant. Art is everything. […]
July 23, 2012

On the van to the airport yesterday!

Had a great trip to Canada! Here is Punk ass, Sam Stout and I on our way to the airport yesterday! Good times! Brittney Palmer
July 22, 2012

Well well well

Lookie what I found at the airport @ariannyceleste and @kendaperez! Muah
July 22, 2012

Just do everyone is aware…

This was shot on Friday night at my appearance at Cowboys when I had just gotten off a 13 hour flight from Spain and lost my […]
July 18, 2012

Check this out!

Are you Tough Enough?! I know @ufc &Boston Pizza are 😉 http://on.ufc.com/LWVlLx
July 13, 2012

I’m having fun on vacation!!

But I can’t wait to get back into the studio and catch up on my painting orders 😉 #artartartart
July 12, 2012

Who’s coming to Cagary to hang with me?!

I’ll be @ufc official pre party with my buddy @wandfc taking photos, signing, kissing hands, and shaking babies 😉 bahahahaha
July 11, 2012

Check this pic out from my @insidefitness shoot!

Shanks to @noeldaganta for the photo 😉
July 11, 2012

Another pic from the @ufc expo!

With my buddy @young_assassin 😉 Who’s hair is blonder?! Bahahaha