July 20, 2011

Calendar shoot day 2!

Sneak peak 😉 -Brittney Palmer
July 19, 2011

Sneak peak at todays shoot!

Brittney palmer calendar. #boom 🙂 -Brittney Palmer
July 7, 2011


🙂 rock on! -Brittney Palmer
July 2, 2011

Check what I found at MGM

Old school ad I did for MGM.. I was 21 here.. I think.. :-/ if you ever see it at MGM that’s meeee… #boom -Brittney Palmer
July 1, 2011

Thanks for coming out!

Signed at the @ufc tail gate this afternoon! How do you like the green? 🙂 -Brittney Palmer
June 30, 2011

Ya think if I keep making this face it will stay that way?

Awesome photography by: Tracy Lee 🙂 -Brittney Palmer
June 30, 2011

I’m watching you!

I can’t believe they still use this Ad. I was like 20 there.. This was an Ad for a hypnotist show in vegas! 🙂 -Brittney Palmer
June 29, 2011

My second charcoal drawing!

🙂 practice makes perfect! -Brittney Palmer
June 29, 2011

My first charcoal drawing! :)

-Brittney Palmer
June 27, 2011

Me new backyard! :)

Minus the possum.. I think its perfect! All I need is a fire pit! -Brittney Palmer
June 22, 2011

That’s why they didn’t name you Nonemaker!

Too funny! -Brittney Palmer
June 19, 2011

On our way!

Ari’s first road trip! Can’t wait to live in my new home 🙂 School starts tomorrow! Acrylic and Oil class! #boom its all happening… -Brittney Palmer