October 24, 2009

@cowboycerrone and I..

That's what san antonio humidity did to my hair.. I look mexican..
October 24, 2009

Party in the locker room!!!

Whoop whoop..
October 22, 2009

check out my new spread in spire magazine!

October 21, 2009

Melania’s sassy attitude

Here is my bff in one her moods! gotta love her! 🙂
October 20, 2009

@cowboycerrone and I singing Grease.. tooo cute

dont worry i know im the worst singer ever! but i sure did have a bunch of fun!!
October 20, 2009

calories burned during sex??? too.. funny

http://www.c4vct.com/kym/humor/csex.htm_ its a whole page on how many calories you burn during sex!
October 13, 2009

New addition to the tapout house!

October 13, 2009

new honorary wec ring girl!

wheres my favorite christy cartwright???
October 13, 2009

wec 34 wiegh ins!

October 11, 2009

the night before @cowboycerrone weigh in

October 11, 2009

face off @cowboycerrone vs. henderson

October 9, 2009

With @cowboycerrone on our way to dinner