July 31, 2009

new pics fromn a golden gaming shoot

we were out all day shooting these pics to have up at a bar here in las vegas.. they turned out pretty well.. considering there is […]
July 29, 2009

Me and B!

Brenda and I at homeplate for raes bday!! My bff, sooo happy to be with her!!
July 28, 2009

Hard rock photo shoot

At the hard rock to shoot for the new swim up poker tables! I'm sooo tired.. This is my makeup from one of the best makeup […]
July 27, 2009


5 am news. Walking to the set.. We are in flamingo and people are just now walking to there room!! I'm soooo tired. If u live […]
July 27, 2009

Boss and I

Tiffany sampras and I awaiting morning news at the bar!! My roll dogg! Good times with her always!!
July 27, 2009

Flamingo hotel

This is our comp room at the flamingo! Must be nice to be an x girl!!
July 26, 2009

X show

This is one of my pre-sets for the show! I have literally about 45 seconds to put this on! Out of control!
July 26, 2009

tough enough?

@cowboycerrone and i doing what we do best!!
July 25, 2009

The room!

We have to perform on that little strip of stage you see in the backround!! Traggic!!
July 25, 2009

Me hitting pads!

I went and hit pads at Albuquerque Kickboxing with Ray.. My leg is bruised as a result, but i’m getting in shape!!
July 24, 2009

Soo cute!

Look who was patiently waiting my arrival!! I pretty much have one of the sweetest dogs ever!
July 23, 2009

brittney palmer reel