Check out my newest painting!!

I’m in Miami b*tch!
June 10, 2012
Happy Birthday to me!
June 12, 2012

I just finished this BJ Penn. Should I make prints? Speaking of prints… 😉 bahaha


  1. Chris says:

    Great painting. I like that u put the belt on him. 🙂

  2. Heck yeah u should make some prints!! It is awesome!! U are truly talented!! How/when can I get one?

  3. Ben says:


  4. Adrian C says:

    What would it cost for an original Britney Palmer painting???

  5. Saul says:

    Awesome painting. 5 stars 🙂

  6. Isaac says:

    Yeah I also like BJ with the belt, and Yes make prints.

  7. British Chap says:

    I personally like that youre wearing shorts

  8. Jonathon Thomas says:

    Please make prints!!!

  9. Vitor says:

    It looks like Wanderlei Silva !!!

  10. stuart says:

    prints would look good with exposure for ufc

  11. Your #1 Fan says:

    Awesome drawing Britt! Looks just like BJ Penn. (Not Silva.. idiot below Vitor)

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