I’ll be on @loveline tonight!!
March 6, 2012
Had a great time on @loveline (
March 7, 2012

The man in black…


  1. Richard says:

    awesome stuff Brittney

  2. Lay says:

    Very nice…thats by far the hardest thing to learn to draw is shadows and shades…and you mastered it…i also thought you would have did a painting theme for playboy??!!..you covered in paint with a brush in front of an eisle!!wow! Maybe next time

  3. Mark says:

    Nice picture. I would like to know how much u want for the picture?

  4. Gene Portillo says:

    Very nice! I love Johnny Cash, fantastic job!!!

  5. Jimmy says:

    That’s an awesome painting my MMA trainer has cash tattooed on his shoulder

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