Last night was amazing! Had so much fun at the concert. So #lucky I got to see them. #TheRollingStones amazing show. #musiciseverything
May 4, 2013
Sometimes it's good to stop and smell the roses… #bananajoe
May 5, 2013

This being said, I will not give you a “diet”. Diets do not work. They don’t work because you can not maintain them long term. If you can not HAPPILY maintain the way you are eating long term you are wasting your time as you’ll stop and go back to bad habits and gain back all the weight. I’ll repeat – the way you eat must satisfy you and keep you enjoying your food – loving your food – but allow you to drop or maintain your weight. There is a way to do that and be very happy and satisfied at every meal, never hungry, and I’m going to teach it to you in this blog.

What we are talking about here is an easy lifestyle change. You just need to pick foods smarter. You can eat ice-cream every day (I do) and look great. But it needs to be the right ice cream (I’ll tell you which one I eat that contains 90 calories and is amazingly good). You can eat pizza everyday, it just needs to be the right pizza (there is an amazing pizza made of soy flour that has 25 grams of protein per serving and just 4 grams of carbs!). You can drink lots of soda every day, it just needs to be the right soda (there is a zero calorie soda without aspartame that tastes amazing!). You can eat chocolate every day (there is diabetic chocolate that has almost zero impact on your blood sugar and causes no insulin spike – insulin stability is so critical and I’ll explain that in later blogs). Bottom line is you can eat virtually all your favorite foods and LOVE eating, like I do, and still lose weight. That information will change your life, like it has mine.

What About Exercise

Now, lets move on to exercise. Do you have to workout to lose weight? The answer is, no you don’t. Does working out help you lose body fat, build lean muscle, increase your basal metabolic rate and allow you to eat more food without putting on fat? The answer is, absolutely yes. For ten years I had a personal trainer, some of the best and most well known in this country. They didn’t work. Why? Because I was not working out specifically for my body type (and they also understated the importance of what I was eating which is 70% of the battle). I was working out so hard (mostly two a days, which many of you have seen on my social media over the years) and was set to fail from the start. Working out for your body type is so so so important. You must workout for your body type. Must. Period. Double period. If you do not work out correctly for your body type you are wasting your time and probably making yourself look heavier. Correct – if you work out the wrong way for your body type you will make yourself look worse. I’ll explain this in great detail in future blogs, but it’s so so so important. Can you believe that you could go the gym four or five times a week and you can actually make yourself look worse? It’s possible, actually quite likely, if you don’t know your body type and are not working out to complement it. This information will change your life like, as it has mine.

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