Last night was amazing! Had so much fun at the concert. So #lucky I got to see them. #TheRollingStones amazing show. #musiciseverything
May 4, 2013
Sometimes it's good to stop and smell the roses… #bananajoe
May 5, 2013

Wait Up … What About Supplements

In two or three months I will start talking about the supplements we take on a daily basis that help in huge ways. The supplements, however, only “SUPPLEMENT” – they are NOT responsible for our results. I will not even talk about supplements for two or three months. The reason is because supplements do NOTHING unless your diet and exercise is already correct. Everyone always wants a “magic pill”. Get over it, it doesn’t exist. Supplements are worthless unless the other pieces of the puzzle are in place first. A pill bottle is NOT the answer. Supplements, however, do play a very important important role in my overall fitness plan and I’ll tell you the ones that really work WHEN YOUR FOOD AND EXERCISE ARE ALREADY IN PLACE AND PRODUCING RESULTS. Supplements don’t do anything on their own, they “supplement” the food and exercise you are already doing to provide quicker and better results. Your diet and exercise have to be right FIRST in order for them to work.

So come along on this journey with me and live the healthy food choices and smart exercise that is simply a part of my every day life. I don’t even think about it. It’s just how we live. I want it to become how you live too. I want to share it because it has changed my life in such a huge way and I know what it’s like to bust your butt for years and get no where with your weight. It’s horrible. It’s depressing. It’s defeating. However, if you follow this blog I am so confident that this information will allow you to finally get this part of your life permanently fixed and to not even think about it anymore. It will just become an enjoyable part of how you live each day. So now when you look in the mirror, you do not have a look of dissatisfaction starring right back at you. And being happy inside like that is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Let’s take this journey together. The information will change your life, as it has mine.


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