Summer – Original Print – 9 x 9 Inch Canvas
August 10, 2018
Traditional Art Subscription
August 13, 2018

Art Clothing Subscription

$26.00 / month with 1 month free trial and a $8.00 shipping

Did you know I paint almost every single day? It’s been my passion for well over a decade and I’ve been blessed to create art for Reebok, W Hotel, UFC, and show at Art Basel of Miami Beach. I also use art to help charity. My last charity piece sold at AMFAR Hong Kong and raised $38,000!!!!

I paint a lot, so instead of collecting hundreds of doodles, sketches, paintings, drawing, and more, I want you to enjoy my art. Every month i’ll send you something new. A photograph embellished print, a sketch from something that inspired me today, a single stem rose printed on a soft tshirt, a trendy embroidered hat, I have a million amazing ideas! Art is all around us when we look. Let me add a little color into your life. Easily cancel anytime, I’m cool like that 🙂

What you get:

Each month you receive one piece of art clothing. Tshirts, hats, long sleeves, backpacks, and more.
Each item is hand-picked and designed by Brittney’s art and made with love


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