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June 13, 2013
Doing press this morning for @ufc! Thanks for having me @btwinnipeg I hope you enjoyed your @bostonpizza for breakfast! Yummmm….
June 14, 2013



Topic 5 – So How Do You Work Out?

My workout of choice for my body type is 1-hour spin classes.  That is my staple exercise that I do two – three times per week. I will then do power yoga once a week where your heart rate is very high for the entire hour session. Once per week I’ll do 20 minutes of each of running on treadmill, biking and stair climber – totally one hour of cardio. The key to burning more calories is to make sure your heart rate is high: 70%+ of max for the duration of your cardio training. Personally, I do not lift ANY weights. I am a combination mesomorph / endomorph and I am a girl. I have a lot of natural muscle.  Lifting weights for me is going to thicken my body out and make me look worse, not better. Which is what happened in the past under the instruction supposedly expert personal trainers.

The reason I chose to do classes is because it puts me in a class where I cannot slack off and I cannot leave early.  If you jump on the bike in the general workout area, you can slack off, look around, take a phone call, take a text and even leave after 20 or 30 minutes when you get sick of it.  This is completely normal and basic human nature.  Put yourself in a cardio-based class and watch the difference.  You get pushed hard and can’t leave, well at least not without your dignity and pride intact J.  Join a gym where they have spin and other cardio based classes. You really get the same attention and workout quality of a personal trainer.  I’ve had a million personal trainers and NOT ONCE have they stayed next to me on the bike for an hour and told me push harder. Join a gym and get committed to taking classes.  The benefits are huge. If you are near a UFC Gym this is also a GREAT OPTION.  I personally don’t live near one, but if I did I would go there.  They have great cardio based classes and you get to learn MMA too!!!!

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