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July 30, 2013
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July 31, 2013


 Topic 7 – The Top 10 Miracle Foods That Make You Lose Weight

This week we are going to be discussing the most valuable topic when it comes to weight loss – what to put in your mouth.     As we have said in previous blogs, what you put in your mouth accounts for 70% – 90% of what your body ends up looking like.  Remember, one of the fundamental truths of weight loss is that:

to lose weight, you must consume less calories than your body burns.

There is no getting around this or shortcutting it.  You must be in a calorie deficit in order to lose weight.    

This is so important as you can workout like a lunatic twice per day, seven days per week – but if your food consumption is not in check, you will not lose weight.   Regardless of how hard you workout, if you are eating more calories than you are burning, you are going to put on weight.  It’s a mathematical certainty and just how your body works.

A by product of this mathematical certainty, is that how you workout only accounts for a very small portion of your weight loss and what your body ends up looking like.   The marginal difference between whether you do 20 rep sets or 8 rep sets, or whether you do one abdominal routine vs. another is truthfully so small when it comes down to how your body ends up looking.   This is obviously not what the diet and fitness industry wants you to believe.  They want you to believe that what pill or supplement you put in your mouth or what exercise routine you do is primarily responsible for how you look.  They want you to believe this because if you do, you will be constantly buying more supplements, diet products and workout equipment in search of the “next best thing”.  This constant search for the hottest weight loss pill and jumping on the newest “fad diet” makes the diet and fitness industry BILLIONS of dollars each year.

The key to having a great body is what you put in your shopping cart at the grocery store – not what supplements you buy at GNC or whether you do spin, run or hot yoga.   In terms of how your body ultimately looks – the food you put in your mouth is far more important than how you work out.   This is not what you will hear in magazines or on TV because all these sources have an agenda to sell you more and more diet and fitness products.  However, it is the gospel truth.  They key to having a great body is simply what you eat.

Note:  If you are not familiar with the above concepts, go back and read previous Blogs which talk about what a calorie deficit or surplus is, how many calories you are supposed to eat for your gender, age, weight and activity level, what body type you have, how to workout for your particular body type, how to eat for your particular body type, how to divide your meals throughout the day, the break up of macronutrients you should have in your diet for your body type (percentage of calories that come from carbs vs. protein vs. fats) and so much more.   Each blog builds upon knowledge in the previous blogs, so if you are just starting to follow this blog now, be sure to go back and read everything from the start in order so it all makes sense.

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