Hand Embellished Canvas Reproductions

Some of Brittney's favorite paintings are also available as limited edition reproductions.
Each print is mounted on 100% cotton canvas and hand embellished in acrylic paint by Brittney.
Each unique piece includes a Certificate of Authenticity, date, numbered and signed by the artist.

Hand Embellished Pintail Boards

These full-wood California Pintail Long Boards are digitally printed
with a one-of-a-kind version of a Brittney Palmer original painting.
Brittney hand embellishes each limited edition piece by painting
new details, colors, and splatters. Each board measures 37″
(93.98cm) tall. There are only 10 produced of each design, making
these unique and rare. Check availability and details below.


12 x 12”

Canvas wall Print
100 editions


12 x 12”

Canvas wall Print
100 editions



Brands I’ve Recently Collaborated With

Brittney Palmer
Designs UFC 213 Tee

UFC Octagon Girl Brittney Palmer has attended
hundreds of weigh-ins over her 8-year career.
But for Palmer, this week's UFC 213 weigh-in
will be different.

When the fighters take the stage, it's Palmer's
design that they'll be sporting on the UFC 213
Official Fighter Weigh-In tees.

"I've been waiting for something like this to
happen ever since I moved to LA to go to art
school," says Palmer who can only describe the
experience as "surreal."

release 001

Brittney Palmer Original Limited Edition REVERSIBLE Art Bombers

Each bomber features an original art work printed on the inside and is 100%
reversible. Jacket uniquely numbered. Only 100 of each style available.
Available in Men’s, Juniors, and Kids sizes.